One of the biggest concerns for people with epilepsy and their families is how it affects day to day life. Do they need to restrict their activity and if so, how? Other concerns may arise such as how seizures may affect family life, other relationships, school, work or recreation. Coping with epilepsy is different for everyone. People with well-controlled seizures may have different issues or concerns than people with poorly controlled seizures. Also, having a lot of seizures and taking seizure medications may affect how people think, feel and their ability to cope with the effects of their epilepsy. Experiences and concerns will also be different if you are a young person, parent, adult with seizures or senior. Gender also plays a role in how we view epilepsy, how we cope, and what issues we may face.

I want people with epilepsy to know that there are ways in which they can play a role in their own recovery. It’s all in how they approach what is happening and how they can use that as a catalyst for their own growth. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned, it’s that people are willing to embrace you if you share your story. (via AZ Quotes)

Danny Glover