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The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance is the national voice for people with epilepsy and is comprised of local epilepsy organizations across Canada. The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance offers direct program support for individuals with epilepsy. The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance is the voting member of the International Bureau for Epilepsy that works with the World Health Organization. We want to raise $10,000.00 for our national booklets series that is used by our member agencies from Coast to Coast. You can help by donating below: You will get a tax receipt for your...

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#Iam1in100 campaign

  We are launching the #Iam1in100 campaign in March 2020. Download the material below and help expand the representation of what it means to live with epilepsy. If you have epilepsy, download the sign that says “I have epilepsy and…” In the blank space provided, you can write about how you’re feeling or how you’re handling having epilepsy. You can also write about your hobbies, interests, skills, and life beyond epilepsy. If you know someone with epilepsy, download the sign that says “Someone I care about has epilepsy and…” In the blank space provided, you can write about their...

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Purple Lights

In 2013, the Government of Canada passed a law identifying March 26 as the officially recognizing date for Epilepsy Awareness. Click For The Purple Day Act Over the years, we’ve seen landmarks around the world illuminated in purple lights for epilepsy awareness. Some Canadian landmarks that have participated are Niagara Falls, CN Tower, Signal Hill, SaskTel Centre, Halifax City Hall, the Peace Bridge, to name a few.   Here are some tips if you would like to get a landmark in your community lit in purple: • Get involved with efforts in your community to light landmarks in your...

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Seizure detection through wearables: Your opinion matters!

We invite you to share your expectations and opinions regarding seizure detection systems in order to guide future developments in this area. Responses to this survey will then be analyzed and shared with the scientific community in order to center future developments in this field around the needs and preferences of people with epilepsy. If you are a person with epilepsy, click on this link to access the survey: If you are the caregiver of a person with epilepsy, click on this link to access the survey:...

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We need your voice to shape the future of epilepsy research

The Ontario Brain Institute’s (OBI) epilepsy research program (EpLink) is looking to better understand the questions Canadians have about epilepsy and seizures. These questions could be about causes or diagnosis, treatment, managing day-to-day life or managing co-existing conditions related to epilepsy. Co-existing conditions related to epilepsy include: Rett Syndrome Cerebral Palsy Down Syndrome Tuberous Sclerosis Depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders Neurodevelopmental disorders If you have epilepsy or experience seizures, or if you care for or work with someone who does, we want your help in setting the priorities for epilepsy research.  Your answers to this survey will help...

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As a non-profit, charitable organization, the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance relies on individuals like you to help us deliver our support and education programs.


Purple Day

Purple Day is an international grassroots effort dedicated to increasing awareness about epilepsy worldwide.

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