About 1 in 100 people have epilepsy. When most people think of epilepsy or seizures, they think of someone falling to the ground and shaking. That is one of many types of seizures. Some seizures can be mistaken for daydreaming, intoxication, or belligerence. Knowing how to identify different types of seizures and how to respond appropriately will help de-escalate a situation.

Canadian Epilepsy Alliance created this curriculum in collaboration with an advisory committee that included:

Sergeant Sean O’Brien, Toronto Police Service, Toronto Police College
Gregory Connolley, Inspector (retired) Ontario Provincial Police, Professor (retired), Fleming College
Jason Romyn, Constable, Toronto Police Service

Dr. Eduard Bercovici, MSc, MD, FRCP(C), CC
NS Diplomate (EEG)Director, Southern Ontario Epilepsy Clinic

Dr. Tadeau A. Fantaneanu MDCM, CSCN (EEG), FRCPC
Director, Adult epilepsy program and EEG laboratory, The Ottawa Hospital

Epilepsy Ontario
Epilepsy Durham Region
Epilepsy Toronto


There are three parts to this curriculum:

  • A PowerPoint presentation (available in 2 lengths) with video clips integrated throughout
  • A Training Guide to leave behind after the presentation
  • A 15-minute video to leave behind after the presentation


Police Course Registration: www.cpkn.ca/en/course/epilepsy-and-seizure-response-training-for-police-officers