My journey to creating better health and finding answers began when I was diagnosed with Grand Mal Epilepsy (Tonic Colonic) at the age of 21. It happened so quickly, no warning and I was not ready to accept it. I started to take up to 5 pills a day to control it. I lost my license. Throughout this journey, I lost jobs, friends, relationships, my license, etc.

Before I got Epilepsy I was in college, had traveled, lived on my own, had a wonderful job, partied, dated. Life was great! I was in a management training program with a bank.

But what was my life plan, what was I meant to do… What was I looking for out of life…

Well, that became clear over the years. I have been blessed to travel, have great friends, great jobs. I have had a great life, but it was incredibly challenging at times.

Financially was an issue at times when I was not working!

Back then my medical costs were huge! I was honestly looking for resources to help me get better.

You know, all that negative self-talk…. I searched for ways to be more positive. Some friends were so helpful with books etc.

I remember going into town for events at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre where leaders in self-help from around the world spoke. Immensely powerful!

I had seizures until I was about 38 when I received a clean bill of health. Interesting timing though, I was just going into menopause earlier than expected after having a tubularization.

So, was it hormonal?

Side note: I do understand my Epilepsy is in remission, dormant or hidden.

My time with Naturopathic doctors was really the beginning of my fascination with combining Eastern and Western Medicine.
I had incredible MD’s and Naturopathic doctors. My physical needs meaning medication were being met, but something inside me needed care too. I need to find self-love, self-care.

Getting Epilepsy at the age of 21 changed my life, it changed me! It changes how you see yourself, and how you feel about things, the world, and everyone around you.

It can cause you to look at everything with a quite unique perspective.

None of us really know exactly what internal battles we each have.

I had to prove that I could do and accomplish things, and I struggled with not being good enough or smart enough… I felt awful! I felt labeled.

But I kept it all to myself! Back then, no one liked to talk about it. It was swept under the carpet.

I did not know anyone else that had it. I wish I had.

I had depression, anxiety, exhaustion, and all that can come with this.

Self doubt!

Do you ever feel like, why me? What did I do to deserve this?

No one deserves this.

It is hard for those that have not experienced it to understand it. How could they? I know it is sometimes very traumatic to witness a seizure.

I remember one time someone saying she is a nice girl, but she has Epilepsy??

Did I hear that right? What?

I hated to cancel nights out with friends last minute, but I knew I needed to stay home.

That was so unfair to them, but I knew I should not go out that night.

I got questioned as to why I would create a business that may help others in this journey.

Someone once said, well Liz that is not a very glamourous business. I expected something else from you.

I was speechless.

I feel we really should open those conversations and talk about it?

Does anyone else feel this way to?

I took numerous programs to live a better more positive life. (you know, fix me). I got coaching, I worked for coaches and other fabulous Woman that were in the industry of helping others live better lives. I took mental health courses as well as many other courses and classes and the list goes on and on in my journey of learning. I got certified as a coach and became a licensed facilitator to provide resources to help others.

You know, it is interesting that sometimes we teach what we need to learn, right?

It is super important that we look after ourselves to. What have you done lately for yourself. We all deserve self love and self care.

I feel I have found my authentic path in my life and my way of helping others, a way of giving back and as well living my true purpose.

I am extremely enthusiastic about this.

If it were not for the Epilepsy I would not be where I am today.

I am honored to be on the board of a fabulous non-profit called BeMorr Society.

So, let us talk about it!!! Let us open those conversations. Let us create a community.

Well, that is a small part of my story of having Epilepsy.

Let us support each other and cheer us all on as we move forward.

Thank you for reading my journey.

I did start authoring a book of short stories about my journey with Epilepsy and I should one day finish the book.

My Mantras are.

***If they are telling me all the things I cannot do, what about all the things I can do. Liz Nicholls

*** I am a Woman who lives without the fear of Epilepsy- Liz Nicholls

Love to all


The Canadian Epilepsy Alliance/ Alliance Canadienne del’Epilepssie is a Canada-wide network of organizations dedicated to the promotion of independence and quality of life for people with epilepsy and their families. We achieve this through the provision of support services, information, education, and public awareness.


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