Earlier this week, Lundbeck advised the CEA that the product shortage for SABRIL 500mg tablets has now been resolved, with supply being made available at the end of March. With a valid prescription, patients can now get SABRIL tablets from their pharmacy.

Additionally, the shortage of SABRIL 500mg powder for oral solution sachets is targeted to be resolved by approximately mid-May 2024. For current updates, please visit Drug Shortages Canada’s webpage for the powder for oral solution format of SABRIL.

In the meantime, Health Canada has authorized the exceptional importation and sale of a third-party supply of vigabatrin sachets while the shortage is ongoing. More information, including contact information of the distributor, can be found on Health Canada’s List of Drugs for Exceptional Importation and Sale. Note: the generic name (vigabatrin) must be used on the website.

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